"I tried it all and this is the only thing that works for me!"
-Susan M., Knee Arthritis

"Thank you for fixing my back pain. I truly didn't think I would ever golf again. Thank you!"
-Jeffrey L, Lower Back Pain

"It saved my life. Now I can do simple things again."
-John W, Lower Back Pain

Discover the Revolutionary Power of Redlight Therapy!

All natural photon therapy penetrates up to 10 inches into the body and accelerates healing and pain relief.



Great for pain associated with back pain, cramps, headaches, constipation, pelvic floor issues, digestion problems and much much more!

Cosmetically, it's proven to accelerate fat, wrinkle, and cellulite reduction. Amazing.

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Who Should Get It?

It’s excellent for pain but it’s also for anyone wanting to feel younger, more energized, and stronger. It successfully treats a variety of conditions related to muscles, joints, tendons, and nerves, such as…

How Fast Are Results?

Most feel results immediately during their first session. But depending on the complexity of your condition, it may require up to 12 sessions to resolve your problem. Many love how it gives them more…

Is It Safe?

Countries around the globe have been using this technology since the 1960’s with tremendous success but only recently has it been approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. It is all-natural…

How Does It Work?

This revolutionary device has 2 powerful systems that produce whole body healing. One part sends low-level electromagnetic pulses to stimulate reflex and pressure points in your body and penetrates deep into your muscles, nerves, and joints. This helps to increase blood flow, boost energy production (ATP), and normalize painful nerves. The second part sends healing photons […]

What Should I Expect?

You will feel a pulsating sensation in your body. It’s very comfortable and most enjoy the treatment. You control the intensity, we’ll show you how. Many feel very relaxed after treatment. Some feel like “jello” for up to 6-hours afterwards (but you can still work heavy machinery and drive).

How Much?

We want to help those who are suffering and want to make it as affordable as possible. That’s why we offer discounts on multi-session packages, payment plans, and even financial hardship discounts. One session is priced at around $59* for up to a 15-20 minute session but many feel better their very first session. There are package […]

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